e-Wing System

e-Wing is a state of the art Command and Control Information System for an Air Force Combat Wing. Its technology facilitates collaboration of all intelligent agents (WOC, SORs, command post and squadron offices) within a distributed operational environment to conduct concurrent, mixed-initiative activities focused on overall mission success. This type of intelligent aiding enables the machine and operator to accomplish mission objectives in a collaborative and purposeful manner.

The system addresses the Wing Command teams by helping them to plan, train, and carry out tasking received from higher command levels (e.g. CAOC), as well as, manage the day-to-day business of a Combat Wing. It also addresses all of the Wing’s personnel by helping them to carry out their duties on a daily basis. The system enables command teams to work faster and more effectively as information is clearly presented using multi source real-time integrated situation displays.

The system provides real-time situational awareness and messaging, planning and networking tools to users across all organizational boundaries of a Combat Wing. In addition, it supports the commander’s decision-making processes with an integrated composite picture of the Wing/Squadrons resource status in peacetime, exercise, and wartime environments.

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