Being one of the most powerful and recognized System Integrators & Solution Providers in the local market and the market of South Eastern Europe, Altec S.A. has developed and supported a number of complex large scale projects with the proper use and integration of multiple applications and technologies.

Following the merger of the Integrated Solutions Sector of Altec S.A. by Altec Integration S.A., the development and maintenance of those projects continued with no turbulence, given the fact that Altec Integration S.A. fully continues the above mentioned sector with the same personnel and infrastructure.

Altec Integration S.A. also continues providing solutions to special needs of its customers locally and abroad, installing, parameterizing and supporting of readymade applications/products, such as:

Projects/Solutions/Applications and Customers in Greece and Abroad, who collaborated with ALTEC S.A./ALTEC INTEGRATION S.A. for their development, are mentioned below, per market sector:


Altec Integration S.A., carrying on the work of ALTEC S.A., still contributes substantially and effectively towards the modernization and the direction of the Public Administration to the “Digital Convergence”.

Altec Integration S.A. participates to the Integrated Information Systems of the Public Administration, starting from the design and architecture, to the study and development, also includes customized software and completes with provision of project management services, added value services, asset management services, technical support, on site & outsourcing support, training, on the job training, Move-Add-Change (MAC) services etc.

In Greece the Public Sector Customers are most of the Ministries and many of the Public Sector Organizations, such as Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Finance – Competitiveness and Shipping, National Defense, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Ministry of Infrastructure - Transport and Networks, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice - Transparency & Human Rights, Ministry of Interior - Decentralization & E-Government, Protection of Citizen and organizations such as the Computer Technology Institute (CTI), Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), School Buildings Organization SA, Hellenic Post, Agricultural Insurance Organization, Municipal Employees Insurance Organization, Athens News Agency, National Radio and Television Board, Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT) etc.

Implementing complex information technology and networking projects, the company has collected huge experience, knowledge, skills, infrastructure and know how, which combining with the strategic partnerships, offer Altec Integration S.A. the ability to undertake the obligation and responsibility to successfully implement projects of any difficulty or complexity.

Indicative Public Sector Project and Customer List


The financial business sector (Banks, Insurance Companies), having recognized the skills, know how, infrastructure and level of ALTEC S.A.’s personnel, have awarded to ALTEC S.A. the development, support, provision and implementation of important projects.

The majority of the big banks in Greece and their subsidiaries, continue to collaborate with Altec Integration S.A. for the development of their information technology and telecommunications structure, aiming to be more effective and competitive.



  • Supply and installation of Hardware to the Bank nationally (branch platform
  • Installation and Maintenance of the Tivoli Network Administration System for the Branch Network
  • Branch Display System for the Branch Network
  • EFT/POS Systems

  • Information Infrastructure for the Branch Network
  • Integrated Administration System of e-payments PAY PLUS
  • Document and Work Flow Management
  • Nationwide Telecommunication Network

  • Nationwide Network - Telecommunications equipment and services.

  • Computer Infrastructure for the Branch Network

  • Computer Infrastructure for the Branch Network
  • Treasury System
  • Internet Banking
  • ON/2
  • ΑΤΜs Upgrade

  • IVR Phone Banking System
  • Supply of telecommunications equipmentΣύστημα IVR Phone Banking

  • Bank Tele-support system – IVR Phone Banking


Large Public and Private Organizations in Greece and Abroad have trusted the knowhow, the experience and the level of ALTEC S.A.’s personnel, have selected it for the development, support and implementation of important structure projects.

Altec Integration SA, has kept the staff and the infrastructure of ALTEC S.A., and continues to provide to large organizations a wide scale of scientific solutions and professional services for the improvement of their information technology and telecommunications infrastructure.

Indicative Large Public and Private Organizations Project and Customer List


Public Power Corporation (PPC)

Support Services and Technical Assistance of the Oracle User Licenses used for the ERP
GREECE Hellenic Railways Organization Integrated Passenger Information System PIS
GREECE Hellenic Railways Organization VPN ΟSEnet
GREECE Hellenic Railways Organization Optical Fiber Network DWDM
GREECE Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.) Information infrastructure for the OTE Shops
ROMANIA PETROM Complete System for Data Administration and Activities Control
MONTENEGRO Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) Financial Management Information System
USA NBC Supply Information and Networking Equipment for NBC Channel for broadcasting purpose of Olympics Games in Athens 2004


The scientific design of the projects, the advanced technology of the solutions, the strict quality regulations and the flexible implementation methodologies used, have established ALTEC S.A. a reliable partner of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense and NATO in our country.

ltec Integration S.A., continues presently the implementation and maintenance of “Defense” Projects, improving even more the implementation methodologies, and the information security administration procedures, that are essential for the specific sector.

Indicative Defensive Sector Project and Customer List

ΝΑΤΟ Information and Telecommunications Infrastructure of Tirnavos headquarters
Hellenic Air Force General Staff Combat Wing – Wing Operations Management (WOM) [e-Wing]

Hellenic Air Force General Staff

MIS Infrastructure

Hellenic Army General Staff

Internet Cafe & VPN
Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) Meteorological Stations Network
Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) New extended Network of meteorological stations

Hellenic Aerospace Industry

Update of M-200 Aircrafts' Technical Documentation

Hellenic Fire Service

Inventory System