In today’s difficult financial environment, with the resources of any form (time, money, human resources) being very confined, service provision to the information systems is proved to be a vital issue.

Altec Integration SA, keeping a customer oriented perception, was one of the first companies that created and provided Outsourcing and SLA services to organizations of the Hellenic Public Administration, Banking Organizations and large private organizations, using and enhancing its national support network of certified partners, that was developed since 1995 for the provision of guaranteed quality level to organizations with geographic dispersion.

The classic model of service provision, was based on the known threefold: people, procedures, products. The financial changes, changes in operating conditions and the speed of those changes have caused changes and enhancement of the classic model with new entities, procedures and actions. The new form of the classic model includes the business operation and the aim-result of the activity (business), whilst the products are now divided into tools and technology.

Altec Integration SA has monitored those changes and requirements, and has been established in the Greek market, has organized itself and provides now a number of services of additional value, under the title Altec Professional Services, which satisfy effectively the new requirements and needs of the customers and their information systems. This methodology generally fits in the operating mode of the company, in accordance with the strict quality boundaries of ISO 9001 and is based on the requirements for monitored and manageable service provision, as defined in the ISO 20000 standard, and also in the best and integrated practices, which are described in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Altec Integration S.A. owns today a very thorough portfolio for provision of support, technical coverage and maintenance services, which includes services such as outsourcing, help desk, on site support, warranty extensions, call Centers. Additionally it offers specialized services such as Asset Management, Inventory, Move Add and Change (MAC Services), satisfying completely all the requirements of its customers.

The application of Altec Professional Services is widespread in many organizations of the Hellenic Public Administration, Financial institutions and the Private Sector.