Customer Sutisfaction Questionaire

Dear Partners

Please take a little of your time to complete the following form, in the extend of your involvement, and help us improve and be able to offer you even more and better services!

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What is your opinion about the: VERY GOOD GOOD AVERAGE NOT GOOD NO OPINION
1. Response of our services to your expectations

If you absolutely agree that the services that our company provides fully satisfy the expectations you had of it, please select the answer 'VERY GOOD'.

In the case that you think that in general terms the services provided by our company satisfy your expectations, but could have been even better, please select the answer'GOOD'.

If you believe that in general terms, the services provided by our company are simply acceptable and that there is room for improvement, please select the answer'AVERAGE'.

If you think that the services provided by our company do not satisfy your expectation at all, please select the answer'NOT GOOD'.

For questions that you don’t have an opinion or do not apply for you, please select the answer 'NO OPINION'.


What is your opinion about the: VERY GOOD GOOD AVERAGE NOT GOOD NO OPINION
1. Compliance of the products delivered to the specifications required
2. Quality of the rest of the deliverables (studies, designs etc)
3. Quality of the services offered in general
4. Completion time of the rest of the services promised
5. Delivery time for the products, other equipment, services
6. Specialized adequacy of our technical support for repairs during the Warrantee period, or the validity period of the Maintenance Contract, as follows:  
  i. Technical personnel Visit Time (if applicable)
  ii. Required time for failure recovery
  iii. Adequacy of failure recovery
  iv. Required time for notification about required parts
  v. Required time / facility spare parts acquirement
7. Readiness to cooperate and response time for the arrangement of other problems
8. Easiness of communication with the company
9. Quality of behavior of the following company’s representatives or / and partners, who possibly contact you:  
  i. Help Desk
  ii. Sales
  iii. Technical Support
  iv. Marketing
  v. Financial Department
  vi. Higher Management Executives
10. Quality and adequacy of the responses you receive about:  
  i. Your commercial questions?
  ii. Your Technical questions?
  iii. Your Complaints?
11. Number of contacts / visits than are made from our representatives
12. Knowledge of our following representatives on technical issues and market trends:  
  i. Sales
  ii. Technical Support

13. Total Evaluation of our company
14. Improvement occured the last year
        YES NO
15. Would you recommend our company to others?  
16. Can we contact you if necessary?  

General Observations
17. Observations – Comment on anything you think necessary
18. Other questions you think should have been included in the present questionnaire

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26. Date of completion 21/11/2019